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Courses For Team Training
Dental Leadership Courses

Course #1

One-Day Team Training

Our one-day team training events take place in a University Classroom setting to ensure we deliver high-quality content and maximum retention. We start from conceptualization to planning to implementation; with fresh ideas, exemplary planning, and hard work, we will make your team training a success.

$9,850.00 Includes light lunch up to 20 team memebers

Location: McMaster University Campus  5 hrs

Course #2

In-House Team Training Course 

Course Module Topics :

  • Treatment Presentation Fundamentals

  • Proper Insurance Billing and Claim Management

  • New Patient Systems and Processing 

  • Complete Oral Exam- Protocols

  • Scheduling and Booking - Protocols

  • Collections and Patient Information Safety 

  • Collections Accounts Receivable 

  • Patient Retention, Reactivation & Referrals

  • Proper communication for Team Efficiency 

  • Establish team accountability and Roles-Job descriptions 

  • Prepare and streamline team meetings 

  • Team and Patient Diversity Inclusion Protocols 

Time span: 6 months with 6 In-House full training days.

$5,500.00 per person  


Course #3

In-House Dentist & Management Training  

This Course offers training on:

  • Treatment Presentation Fundamentals for Dentists

  • New Patient Growth  

  • Complete Oral Exam- Protocols for Dentists

  • HR forms, Formats, and Systems

  • P&L Percentages

  • Collections Accounts Receivable Comparables

  • Team Hiring Fundamentals

  • Target Board and Clinic Goals

  • Principle of Retaining Good Team Members

  • Safe Work Environment 

  • Leadership Training

  • One-on-one Training

  • Marketing Strategies

  •  KPI's(Key Performance Indicators)

Time span: 4 months with 8 In-House full training days.

$12,500.00 per person  

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