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Unlike most dental trainers and practice-building programs, Dent-Cents Training program includes personalized, on-site, one-on-one services to help practice owners implement the improvements they need to reach their goals. Our purpose is to improve practice owners increase profit, and reduce stress.

At Dent-Cents, we specialize in swift action and implementation with customized solutions, yielding the best client results and the most client references out of all other dental training companies.

Interestingly, many Dent-Cents clients had previously worked with other dental training companies before Dent-Cents and will tell you they did not get permanent and lasting results they were hoping to attain. Even worse, some of their previous training companies help made their problems worse by upsetting teams and trying to fit their practice into a mould with cookie-cutter systems. Fortunately, we do not operate this way. We completely customize our advice, systems, and training to fit your practice, your personality, your staff, and your goals. Dent-Cents solve office problems with modern training solutions for today’s dental practice.

Since 1994, Angie Drinic has worked with over 1100 different teams. On average, her clients retain us for 2-3 years due to the continuous gains and steady income increases they achieve with our help. Dent-Cents delivers the fastest and best return on investment in the entire practice advising industry.


Dent-Cents is a Canadian-owned and operated company with services extending all over Canada and North America; we travel far and wide to meet your practice needs and your team training.  Experience for yourself how Dent-Cents is different! 

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