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Some lavish reviews from our clients & attendees

 Aspen Springs     Dental Centre               Bowmanville, Ontario

“Angie is very knowledgeable in the field of management in dentistry and is a pleasure to work with.” 


Dean Callon, Patterson

    London, Ontario

Angie is a Practice Trainer and she did a great job at the branch last week with a seminar focusing on improving communication in the dental office.  If you’re looking to add value in your area/office this would be a great team event to consider.


    Dr. Howard Libstug –         Maple, ON

“Angie trained our front desk team to be better treatment coordinators, and to handle patients with more tact and care which are skills the practice continues to benefit from today.”


Dr. Carolina Ortega – Woodbridge, ON

“Angie taught us how to express enthusiasm and gratitude and these qualities keep patients coming back to our office in this very competitive environment.”


Toothworks – Toronto, Ontario

"Angie has provided us with great tools to make a successful practice even better!”



         Dr. Cardeiri- 

  Kitchener, Ontario

We would like to thank you for giving us such a great training! We all enjoyed it a lot and we are sure we will benefit a lot from it! You exceeded all our 

 expectations, thank you!


     Dr. Arash Famili –     Maple, Ontario

“I can say with no hesitation that it is not easy to find someone as dedicated and efficient as Angie. She can be disciplined and efficient yet still display a genuinely warm and kind character. Her energy and enthusiasm is a fantastic source of motivation for all of us who had the pleasure of working with her.”   


 Dr. Bozidar Kuljic -         Boston MA

"Angie is our “YES! Woman”. No matter what, she’s got an answer, and it’s always a good one.

When we aren’t sure how to approach something, she assures us we’re not incompetent (ha!) and helps us figure out the best way for OUR team to do it. She embraces our team as the unique bunch that we are and doesn’t try to make us fit into a mold, but gently guides us and redirects us onto a path that leads to a successful outcome instead of back to where we sometimes led ourselves: a brick wall.

We give her one million stars!



Dr. Lyn Fitzpatrick 

Sackville Smile Centre

Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia

DentCents Seminar:

It was the best I’ve ever attended on this matter. Thanks!



Derek Stoddart

GM Patterson Dental

Atlantic, Canada

Angie presented her "Stop Cancellations" lecture to approximately 65 dental professionals in the dreaded 3-5pm Friday afternoon time slot and held our crowd captive the whole time.  Angie used her expertise, passion and sense of humour to drive home a really great message that  all of our accounts would benefit from. 


Wendy Amero 

Trimac Dental Centre

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Myself and my coworkers from Trimac Dental Centre attended this today. You were awesome!


Donna Frizzle 

Bible Hill Family Dentistry

Debert, Nova Scotia

Thanks for the great course this afternoon! We really enjoyed your lecture & will definitely be bringing lots of info back to the office 


Team Testimonials

Team Testimonials
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